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Tory Tyler

Producer, Vocalist, Visionary. He does it all.

The History and The Future.

Tory Tyler is a man of many talents. He envisions ideas in his head and by any means necessary does whatever he can to pursue them and make them a reality. Every one of his songs, from the beats to the vocals are hard crafted and tuned by him to make sure they are exactly the way he visioned them to be. Even this very website was hand coded by him to achieve a level of simplicity, yet maintain it's informational capacity.

Tory started making his own beats when he was a freshman in highschool. Heavily influenced by Kid Ink, Kanye West, and many others, he saw what they had and what they had achieved and knew that was the path he wanted to go down. That was 2012. Fast forward to today and he has spent countless nights up on his Mac producing beats and exploring the world of music to concieve a sound that is unique, distinquishable, and authentic. He has gone through many stage name changes, from "Kao!" in 2013, "Kiiro" in 2014, ". r a r e ." in 2015 and thoughout 2016 he went by "Saphos" (check below for influences on all names) . However, the best way to be unique is to be yourself, and there's no better way to show that than to use the name of who you are on all of your work. Tory Tyler is a name that will be remembered one day, if not in his time, then shortly after it, "because most artists aren't appreciated in their own time." - Kanye West

Name History (& their downfall)

"Kao!" - 2013 Tory started releasing beats under this name. Influenced by his dauschund "Kao". She is no longer with us, so he laid this name to rest in her honor.

"Kiiro" - 2014 This name was used in attempt to still honor Kao, however too many people mispronounced it. Sometimes simplicity is key, You want to be well recieved by everybody.

". r a r e ." - 2015 Tapping into the A E T H S T H E T I C market, Tory used this handle. However, it was near impossible to get this name to show up in any search engines at all.

"Saphos" - 2016 Sitting in his college literacy history class, Tory learned of the lyric poet "Sappho". He loved this name as he could relate to it, as he was also a lyric poet. It reminded him of Sapphires, which are blue and totally cool. However there's already a spot in history for Sappho, so let's make a new name to remember.

Music Producer
Logic Pro X - The Weapon of Choice

Tory uses a mixture of Logic Pro X and Ableton Live 9 to produce his signature sound. Possibly the best of both worlds when it comes to music production.

Simple, Clean, Getting the Point Across

Torys lyrics comes from his heart. He may not be the most complex writer out, but his tunes are sure to catch your attention and move you.

The Brighter Side of Life

There's many ways to view and live life. Try and guess how Tory lives his. I'll give you a hint:

Prove them wrong and get it.